Title: Penguin
Artist: Christina Perri
Played: 220 times

This song is CrissColfer.

Chris loved days where he could be lazy with Darren and not bother to get dressed. He’d wander around his house in his plaid pajama pants low on his hips and his boyfriend would tickle him at the most random times, making him laugh until his face was scrunched up and he was breathless. Of course, that’d end up with Darren pressing him back into the nearest surface and kissing him, his scruff scratching against his skin and Chris’ fingers tangled in the curly mess he called hair. He loved snuggling on the couch, his body cradled close to Darren’s, the room’s light dimmed and a Disney movie playing on the TV. Darren would mouth the words and sing along, and Chris could only smile and call him a dork. He secretly adored when Darren would steal his snacks, threatening to eat it but only ending up feeding it to him. Then he’d would grab his face and kiss him, making an exaggerated “mwah" sound causing him giggle the slightest bit. He loved when he would play fight with Darren, holding up his fist and challenging him. Darren would chuckle, shaking his head, doubting his boyfriend. Chris would simply say, "hit me,” and Darren would deny. And Chris would tackle him onto the carpet, straddling his waist and wrestling him until they were both bursting with laughter. Darren then would kiss him, gentle and slow, passionate and loving. They would bake cookies, throwing batter around and getting each other messy. The kitchen would turn out to be a disaster and Chris would start to clean, but Darren distracts him, drowning him in kisses and pouts and promises to clean up later. Chris would give in and they’d shower together, teasing each other until the water ran cold. Chris would wear Darren’s shirt and his glasses to bed, Darren’s arms around him protectively and lips brushing against his neck. Darren would whisper sweet words, Chris only responding with hums or incoherent words until he fell asleep.

He rarely got those days, but he was so happy when he did.

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