porcelainkiddo: please please write about chris being extremely jealous because people seem to be all over his boyfriend after gml trailer so he bakes to distract himself?

No, Chris Colfer does not get jealous. He doesn’t get jealous over dumb, small things like that. It’s just a movie. A movie of which his stupid boyfriend is stupidly shirtless with stupid girls all over him. He stirs the cookie dough a bit too aggressively, but he doesn’t notice it until he’s slowing his arm down when Darren walks in.

“Hey, baby.” Darren says, reaching up for a kiss before jumping onto the counter top. “How was your day?” He asks, taking the spoon Chris was using and licking it as Chris makes little balls and puts them on the cookie sheet he’s got out. “Fine,” he says simply, a bit too harsh.

“I saw your movie trailer today.”

Darren lights up at that, eyes widening and so, so bright. “Did you like it?”

Chris softens, shoulders slumping because he should feel proud of his boyfriend for being a big movie star now, and it’s not that he isn’t, it’s just he’s jealous. “Am I better than Kristen Wig?” He asks nonchalantly instead of answering Darren’s question. Darren frowns and sets down the spoon, watching Chris stick Oreos into the cookies.

“Of course you are. If you weren’t, I’d be dating her, wouldn’t I? Well, no. She’s a bit older so I probably wouldn’t be. But the point is - wait, why did you ask?” Darren tilts his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at him. Chris shrugs. “Just checking. You were just awfully close in that movie.”

Darren stares at him for a while before he’s smiling widely. “You’re jealous!”

“I’m not jealous,” Chris mutters, opening the oven door and sliding the cookies in. “You totally are! You’re jealous that I was around a girl!”

“I’m simply acknowledging that you should only be kissing me.”

“Chris, I’m an actor. It’s my job to play different roles.” He says, pulling Chris over by his collar and running his fingers along his neck. “Trust me, I only want to be with you anyway,” he says with a little pout, bending down to peck Chris’ lips.



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